Who Is Roscoe & Stella?

Roscoe & Stella are TikTok dogs who recently have been illegally discriminated against, due to being ESA. HB 760.27

In the state of Florida, there are No longer any bans on any dogs. SB 942

Yet we have been discriminated against because we are Classified as “Pitbulls” when there is no such breed as a Pitbull.

Roscoe is what is believed to be an Amstaff-Rotweiller mix.

Stella is believed to be a Husky mix, she is Claimed to be a Pitsky. She shows NO Traits other than a Husky.

Just like my kids neither dog came with papers or a manual and they ARE….. Just like my kids!

Without a DNA test we will never know EXACTLY what they are and that has no bearing given they are just awesome, sweet, loving, caring dogs.

What most do not Understand It is NOT the dog or a breed that is agressive or a “KILLER” It is how the dog is raised and taught.

It’s kinda like raising kids you beat and bully your child the child has the potential to become a bully, evil to other kids and horrible parents.

If you raise you kids to be thoughful, loving, respectful, decent and kind. They become that way and become excellant parents themselves.  

It IS All about the owner and the person who feeds takes care of and HOW the dog is treated, when they are treated with ONLY Love, they ONLY Know Love.

They have never hurt anyone and or any other animal well execpt for the lizards in the yard. Really they just want to play with them and do not understand WHY the tails come off when they THINK they have caught one.

So since we’re being illegally evicted for having “Pitbulls” I put my design and culinary experiances to use, struggled, due to one of my illnesses my hands do not work too well anymore and I created 100% natural cookies and treats along with a merch line for Pets & Hoomans.. 

Hopefully this will help pull our tails out of the sand cus with prices being what they are WHO can afford to move.. espically after collecting all kinds of junk for 8yrs here.

A portion of monthly proceeds will of course go to help us out of this nightmare along with help out a few who are struggling to pay for doggie chemo and another dog mom who is in a simular position with 3 dogs and living in her truck  

Right now every purchase of a Tshirt will get us about $5-$7 and it varies for the Hoodies.

So please tell your Frenz our story and to stop by our website.

You can read more of our story here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/roscoenstella

Other donation options and all links to social media here: https://linktr.ee/roscoe_stella

Don’t forget to stop by our TikTok Check Out Our YouTube and Hit up or Discord hang out with our doggies! 

Roscoe & Stella